Digital Piano Reviews

Have you ever wanted a real piano in your home, but could not afford the price of purchasing and moving the piano into your home or apartment?  Let’s face it,none of us are going to be the next Billy Joel, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a great piano.  With this being said, almost anyone can save up and get a digital piano at a fraction of the price of an acoustic version. Led off by our pick of the #1 piano the Casio PX850 we give our readers an interactive table of our favorite digital pianos for 2013.

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The digital piano reviews guide below will not only give an overview of the best pianos that we have found, but a comparison chart for easy use.

Online Guide to Finding the Best Digital Pianos

Listed below are the columns associated with this guide:

  • Images
  • Model- Specific model
  • Keys-  # of keys
  • Weight- weight of piano in lbs.
  • Price- $–   Under $300       $$– $300 to $600       $$$– $600 to $900       $$$$– $900 and up
  • Rating – Average rating per Amazon user

    >All items on the chart can be sorted by clicking on the corresponding columns<

    ImagesModel# of KeysWeight PriceRating out of 5
    Casio AP4208882 lbs. $$$$4.6
    Korg SP2508865 lbs. $$$4.6
    Williams Allegro 88 Key8843 lbs.$4.0
    Korg Micro Piano6112 lbs.$$3.8
    Roland RD300NX8844 lbs. $$$$4.8
    Casio Privia PX1308833 lbs.$$4.6
    Yamaha DGX 640W8884 lbs. $$$4.6
    Casio PX8508899 lbs.$$$$4.9
    Yamaha NP116114 lbs.$4.5
    Alesis Cadenza 8850 lbs.$$3.4

    These pianos are only a few of the many different kinds of digital pianos that are currently on the market today.  While Yamaha and Casio pianos continue to dominate the digital market, there are a few other brands that are on the rise.  Depending on your budget, living arrangements and need there will be a piano that best fits each individual. For those that are still swaying their decision on whether or not to choose to purchase a digital vs. acoustic piano, we will give you a list of benefits that the digital variety has over the acoustic. While many “die hard” pianists will not not sway away from the traditional acoustic models, almost all acoustic players have a portable digital piano when on the road.

    Digital vs. Acoustic Pianos

    Price:  By far the most important factor when it comes to the acoustic vs. digital debate is the price of each of these instruments.  While large grand pianos can run over $10,000, a typical acoustic piano will usually run just over $1,000.   Throw in the large shipping fees that many music stores throw in and you can be looking at a $1,500- $2,000 investment for an average acoustic model.  For the same price you could get a top of the line digital piano and avoid the large shipping costs that come with acoustic piano shipping.

    Size:  The typical acoustic piano is a very large object.  Not only are these hard to move, but they are objects that are not easy to be moved.   Many moving companies will charge several hundred dollars for moving a piano and some of the larger ones cannot be moved without being taken apart.  On the other hand, digital pianos can easily fit in most apartments and homes as they are lightweight and portable.  Almost all of the digital varieties are portable and can be carried anywhere, while the ones that have a full stand and setup usually run well under 100 lbs., which is easy enough for two people to transport.

    Variety:  Because these pianos are created digitally, they have the ability to switch to a variety of sounds with a press of a button.   Various types of piano sounds, organs, harpsichords and plenty of other types of sounds can make a digital piano an awesome tool.  Besides the variety of sounds, there is no tuning required, thus making these versions easy to maintain with little or no maintenance necessary.

    Computer Access:  With technology dominating the music industry these days the digital piano provides tremendous benefits for those looking to record and use their music in songs.  With USB ports and the ability to hook a one of these instruments to a computer, the pianist can analyze and record all of their music.  Make sure when browsing over the digital piano reviews on this site, to look for the ability for the piano to hook up to a computer, this is a big plus for any user as it makes the piano compatible with almost any newer sound system.

    Now that we have explained our side of the story in the acoustic vs digital debate, we will move on to our favorite choices among the pianos listed above.  While all the instruments we listed are a good choice, we have narrowed down the field an little bit by picking our top 5.  These choices are in no particular order and are just a pick of the favorites from what we have samples and from overall customer reviews.


    Review of the Top 5 Digital Pianos

     To be truthful, most of the pianos listed in the chart above are great options as they each have their own benefits.  But as a review site it is important to choose the best models for our readers.  As members of music stores and piano players ourselves there are several things that we look for when reviewing instruments such as sound quality, value and options.  Below is a list of the top 5 digital piano reviews.



    1. Casio PX850 

    Casio PX850

    Our pick for the #1 Digital Piano for all levels is the Casio PX850.  With a low price for a full size piano this digital piano has it all.  For those looking for a great intermediate between the small digital keyboard and the acoustic piano, we recommend the Casio PX850 Piano.  At approximately 100 lbs., this model is better made for a home or church environment where one will keep the piano in the same place over time.  For younger students this is a great learning tool as it offers everything that the acoustic versions offer, but at a much lower price.   Built like an acoustic model, the digital version has plenty of extras that other models in this price range did not have.

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    We found that many of the reviews for this awesome piano that were from parents who were buying this item for their children.  The thing that they loved most about this model it that it is much lower prices than a traditional piano. With an overall average rating of 4.9, this model is definitely approved by buyers of this model.  For more information on this model and to read in depth review from real buyers please click the link below to go to the Amazon sales page.

    2. Yamaha DGX640W

    Yamaha DGX640W

    With an awesome overall rating of 4.6 on average, the Yamaha DGX640W is a truly a great piano for the piano enthusiast.  Yamaha has gone out of their way to make their newer digital models, have the feel and sound like the much more expensive acoustic versions.  With a weight of 88 lbs this model can easily be transported anywhere in the house.  Out of the reviews given for this model, most feel that this is a great investment for anyone taking piano lessons or who is ready to take the next step in their music career.  With a built in USB port, it is easy for the user to connect their digital piano to their computer to save and use the sounds for anything that they wish.

    After reading further reviews from Amazon users, this piano gets many accolades from users who purchased the item.  From newbies to aspiring musicians, the Yamaha digital piano is full of 5 star reviews with users saying that it sounds just like the more expensive models.  For all the details and reviews please click the link below to go to the full Amazon page.


    3. Roland RD-300NX 

    Roland RD-300NX

    For those looking to take their piano skills to the next level we have selected the Roland RD-300NX as the model of choice. My personal favorite and one that I have grown in love with as my “go to” road piano.  At a much higher price range than the other models listed, the Roland Digital Piano is for the truly serious musicians.   Any musician who plays to a large crowd or will take their piano lessons on stage, this model is what you are looking for in a piano.  With the ability to play various instruments and great sounds, this model is the best of the best when it comes to professional grade keyboards.

    The reviews from this product come from some serious musical talent. Among all of the digital piano reviews listed, we have picked this piano as #1 among the advanced pianist.   Traveling musicians are among the biggest users of this product.  Being lightweight, portable and sounding just like an acoustic version, this instrument has the feel and sound of a large piano in a small case.  Many musicians that have tried this model often blow away their musical counterparts with the sounds and capabilities of this instrument.  To read more about these great reviews and more perks of this product click our link below.


    4. Williams Allegro 88-Key

    For the beginner or anyone looking to purchase a great piano at a low price we recommend the Williams Allegro Digital Piano.  At or around $300, this model is great for those who are just starting their musical career.  With solid sound quality, 88 keys and lightweight at only 43 lbs., this model can be taken wherever the musician travels.   With hammer actions keys and the ability to switch to layer, split and transpose mode this model is a great low priced option.

    Reviews of this item suggest that many people who purchased the item compare the sounds to that of a traditional acoustic model.  They also like the ability of the keyboard to switch to other sounds such as a church organ, jazz organ, strings, bass and a few others.  For the full reviews and product features please click the link below which will direct you to the Amazon page of this item.

    5. Korg SP250

    Korg SP250

    Another of the more portable models is the Korg SP250.  With a price tag similar to the Yamaha DGX640W, the Korg digital piano also is a favorite among those users who prefer a lightweight piano.  At just around 65 lbs. the model packs the punch of a much larger keyboard, but also is light enough to fit into the trunk of your car.  Included with this model are a stand, damper petal and ac adapter which make this model easy to turn into a full blown music experience.

    With an overall review of 4.6 out of 5, the Korg piano definitely gets rave reviews from those who have purchased the model. While not as lightweight as some of the other models, this model comes with many accessories as some of its portable counterparts.  One key characteristic that users love about this model is its ease of hooking into a computer to hook into a number of items that are available to users online.  We recommend this model to those who are serious about playing the piano and want the versatility that comes with a smaller keyboard.   To see all the reviews on this model, plus the different options, check out the link below.

    Thank you for viewing our site and hopefully from the information presented you can form your own conclusion on digital piano reviews. It is important to do a thorough product review if you are looking to buy any type of product from digital pianos to inversion tables.  Feel free to view our other pages for a more in-depth review of different models that we have reviewed and other aspects of the music world.