Finding the Best 88 Key Digital Piano

One thing that I find most enjoyable about digital pianos is the number of keys that come with a specific piano.  While many of us older pianists, myself included, were raised on a traditional large acoustic piano, there was always the problem as a youngster to reach certain keys while still staying in tune.  With this in mind more and more piano companies started to make smaller keyboards that were best fit for younger students.   For younger students I recommend a 61 Key Digital piano or smaller depending on their size and playing level.88 key digital piano

With all that being said, many people still prefer to “jump right in” and use the 88 key digital piano right off the bat.  In my opinion this is less effective than starting off with less keys, but it can be useful for older new players.  All in all the goal is to get to the 88 key piano anyways, so some feel better jumping straight into the mix.

As a digital piano review site, it is my job to find not only the best pianos for my students/audience, but also ones that fit their needs.  While it is hard to judge what the best digital piano is for a student, it is easier to divide them into categories that fit needs.  For this article we will divide the digital pianos into three separate groups which are beginner, intermediate and advanced based on the student’s piano experience.  I generally put this as beginner (0-2 years), intermediate (2-4), and advanced (5 and up).

Best Beginner Digital 88 Key Piano

>Williams Allegro 88-Key Digital Piano
As seen in the previous review here, the Williams Allegro 88 Piano is one of the best tools for a newer piano player.  Not only does it come at a low price, but it also has all the “bells and whistles” that one would want with their piano.  The Williams Company has been in the piano business for years and it has made one of the top choices among the lower priced digital pianos.    As a teacher I have several younger students who have bought and used the Williams Allegro keyboard with great success.  I always recommend this model for newer students as it is lower priced and better quality than most other keyboards in this price range.

Best Intermediate 88 Key Piano

Casio Privia PX-130 88-Key Digital Stage Piano
I usually don’t recommend any of the “stage pianos” to any student under 2 years experience, frankly because I feel that they need to learn on smaller models before stepping up to the more advanced digital pianos.  Like most Casio Pianos, the Casio Privia PX-130 is a great intermediate piano for those looking to hone their skills.  What separates this model is the great sound that comes with it and the “Education Features”.  After their first few years learning the piano I like to encourage my students to develop some type of practice plan during their own time.  This means at least 4+ hours of playing piano on their own outside of regular lessons with a piano teacher.   With the PX-130, students are able to hook this piano up to their computer and have almost a piano teacher to help them play.  They can set the piano up for duet pieces and even record and replay their music to see where there they are having problems.   The intermediate stage is where students start learning more advanced songs, but also developing a game plan for self improvement, this digital piano will help them out with both of these.

Best Advanced 88 Key Model

Roland RD-300NX Digital Piano
I am very biased to this piano as I have used it for years as a piano teacher and traveling musician but I think it is the best 88 key digital piano on the market today.  Also, if you don’t believe my word for it, it is one of the favorites among several of my friends and fellow pianists that play on the road.  With awesome sound, great extras and tremendous value for what it gives, the Roland RD-300NX is my favorite digital piano for advanced users.  I have dropped, spilled drinks on and lugged this bad boy around for years and it still has the same sound and quality as the day I bought it.  I could go on and on, but it is best to just read the reviews that this piano.

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