Williams Allegro 88-Key Digital Piano Review

The Williams Family of Pianos has been making quality pianos for the past several years and has one of become one of the newer businesses to enter the digital piano world.  With a background of making beautiful grand pianos and symphony pianos, the Williams Company has released one of the best digital pianos on the market the Williams Allegro 88-Key Digital Piano.

williams allegro 88-key digital piano

One of the main reasons people choose the Williams Allegro model is for its versatility.  With 88 hammer action keys and 8 piano & keyboard sounds, the budding pianist can change up the sounds at any time they need or want a change in the music.  This digital keyboard is mainly used as a practice/travel piano for more serious artists, but can also be a great transition tool for younger pianists.

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As a teacher for elementary aged children I often suggest this model as a transition for those moving up from the 61-Key pianos.  When children first start with the 88-Key digital pianos, they often become overwhelmed from the addition of the 17 extra keys.  The Williams Allegro 88-Key Digital Piano is the perfect transition model as it has all the capabilities of the smaller models, but many more advanced features too.

Why Choose the Williams Allegro Digital Piano?

The main reason why most piano users have chosen the model is because it fits a perfect need in the transition between the beginner pianist and the advanced pianist.   In the past, pianists would often have to “live and die” by the acoustic piano at their instructor’s home or at their own home.  While this is great for the young pianist with money, it became a problem for many students who could not practice unless they were at their instructor’s home.  With this in mind the digital piano came about and was mass produced for anyone wishing to practice the piano at a much lower cost than purchasing a large acoustic piano.

The Transition Piano

Priced at just around $300 the Williams Allegro digital piano is perfect for those looking to have a portable reliable model.  With a much cheaper price tag than Yamaha and Casio pianos with the same features, this model definitely fits a need for those looking to find a great transition piano.  Most cheap models don’t offer the full 88-Key keyboard like this model and often don’t sound that great when played with other instruments.

As a pianist I have dealt with several hundred different digital models over the years, I would highly recommend the Williams Allegro 88-Key Digital Piano for anyone looking to find a great tool for an up and coming pianist.  Some of the reviews on this model from Amazon readers are listed below.

–          “Amazing for what it costs”

–          “Sound and feel of a real piano”

–          “Great weighted keys, just like a real piano”

–          “Perfect for my 12 year old son”

–          “Almost acoustic”

–          “Great for the price”

–          “Marvelous Electric Keyboard”

For more information about Williams Digital Pianos, click this link: http://digitalpianoreviewssite.com/williams/